Your time starts now!

The financial objectives, needs and situation of graduate healthcare professionals are often quite different to that of other vocations. Grimsey have designed a Young Professionals Package to provide you with education, advice and implementation. Our package covers topics such as:

  • Innovative salary packaging – helping you make the most of the benefits available;
  • Specialist tax advice – understanding your tax situation and obligations or registrations you might need;
  • Income protection – why being protected is important if you become sick or injured;
  • Creating wealth – options available to you through property, shares, investment portfolios;
  • Finance – banking and finance solutions;
  • Superannuation – making your money work hard to secure your future;
  • Financial goals and budgeting – learn how to budget effectively so you can reach your goals sooner;
  • Starting your own business – what do you need to do to meet your financial obligations as a business.

Our Young Professional Package helps you to set and realise the lifestyle plan you want to achieve.